Monday, December 28, 2009

the engagement plans

So we're engaged! The result of the cumulation of endless hypothetical questions ("...if you found a ring while pouring a bowl of cereal?") and coming to the agreement that we were right for each other. Even though this conclusion came through only a year and halfish of I told a teammate (Mr. 23 year old, I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 years, now considering a proposal, Mr. "that's all you've been dating?") - "we're old!" (early 30s) and needed to make this type of decision much earlier. No time for waste!

So, being the non-girly girly tomboy (as once described), on being questioned on what type of ring I wanted, I replied that I wanted to see what my options were. Because I had no idea what I like. And since I was a non-girly tomboy, I didn't really wear much jewelry, therefore no idea. I somewhat recently acquired my first pair of earrings (clip on, an art deco dangly thing) ever. At 30. Plus I like to see what all my options were. 

I didn't even know why people were all big up on diamonds. So I used the internets to find out what diamonds were about.

From Wikipedia:

Aside from the diamond, the rubysapphireemeraldpearl (strictly speaking not a gemstone) and opal have also been considered to be precious. Up to the discoveries of bulk amethyst in Brazil in the 19th century, amethyst was considered a precious stone as well, going back to ancient Greece. Even in the last century certain stones such as aquamarineperidot and cat's eye have been popular and hence been regarded as precious.

Some more reading noted diamonds as the hardest natural material known. After checking out rubies and sapphires, and the such, somewhere in there I decided to look for a diamond ring. I didn't even know that bride got two rings - an engagement ring and a wedding band.

Air (mi amor) had read a little about a guy accidentally finding a process to make a perfect diamond (it was HPHT) man-made diamonds - structurally exactly the same make up as a diamond and indistinguishable under examination. This appealed to me because the diamond would come from a lab, and definitely would be a conflict-free diamond

Sunday, December 20, 2009

a REAL wedding budget calculator!

A pinnacle of genius! Air and I produced this magnificent piece of work - a spreadsheet that actually figures out how much you have left to stick to your wedding budget and not just tell you how much over budget you are. It calculates readjusted budget amounts when you spend more or less on stuff.

The estimated budget is calculated from your budget and average percentages for your zip code from Just use the wedding cost estimator from that site, copy, paste, and voila!

Check it out!!

And Mountain View people are ballas. Dang!!