Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Made in China

After deciding to buy the dress I had selected from a US retailer, this email was a bit of a let down.

Your order has been placed with Maggie Sottero.    They have quoted us an Outside-Delivery-Date of June 14, 2010.   This is the date they expect to receive it (not the date we will receive it or the date you will receive it).

Production will begin immediately.   Literally, within a day or so, the designer will transmit your order details to the factory in China, where 90% of all bridal-related production occurs.   Fabric and components (beads, zippers, embroidery, etc) are ordered immediately, cutting tickets issued and sewing scheduled.

I know everything is made in China. But choosing to buy from the designer instead of an exact knock off leaves you wondering if you should have just bought it from China to save the difference.

For example, let's take Allure Bridals dress 8526.

Cost from an online store? $673 (still cheaper than buying from a local bridal shop).
Cost from Chinese copy cats? $170. There's even a bigger difference for more expensive dresses.

So China rips people off by stealing people's ideas and selling their designs. But then the wedding industry is a big rip off by adding such a high markup for anything that has anything to do with wedding. So everybody is just a big rip off.

Anyways, I went with a US retailer for a few reasons.
1. The dress designer would get some money for their work. 
2. I would know exactly what I was getting...I wanted a certain color from the designer and I knew how the fabric would feel and look. 
3. Gotta support some local economy and not just let China do all the ripping off and profiting.
What can I get that's not made in China?

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