Friday, March 5, 2010

Color Me Mine

I luv, luv, LUVVVV color. Heck, sometimes I'm like a rainbow, especially after working out or playing sports...with the pink and purple stripped Cheshire cat socks, lime green sweatshirt, plum jacket, lemon yellow tee shirt, turquoise shorts and bright orange gym bag. Couple that with an art studio background.

Color evokes mood, time and era, creates atmosphere, emotion, personality. It's what ties the whole look of a wedding together. And up until now I was a bit frantic about my wedding colors. Even though I've been planning and researching since September/October, I just wasn't sure what I was going to go with. The whole wedding planning business...asking you what your wedding colors are going to be is one of the first questions everyone asks you about!

I hoard information and stocked up a nice stack of bridal mags...but they're mostly stocked full of pictures of dresses...dresses??!? Come on! Who cares about dresses! I need ideas for COLORS!! Some exceptions or places for good ideas - Martha Stewart Weddings and Your Wedding Day magazine (low on ads!). Seriously, check out this eye candy:

Not that most of us would put on a wedding of this caliber...but how could you not get inspired?

Color - the flowers, the table linens and decor, invitations, the dresses. Red and green are my top favorite colors...a wedding can be red and green without looking like Christmas right? I think so. A rich, wine red, with a moss/sage green along with a neutral like ivory and metallic color...bronze, copper, gold.

See, look, I'm not the only one with this idea.

elegant bride fall 2009

crate and barrel

Ok, yeah these Crate and Barrel things are from Christmas decor. But just because it's red and green doesn't have to mean it's Christmas!

And sage green is a pretty darn amazing color. 

And what about other choices?

This inspirations boards from the - a whole blog with just color inspiration boards have such richness...

 I was digging these teals...or what if I went with peacock blues and emerald greens...

And though I'm not such a pink's so versatile and great for a wedding!

What to choose? What to choose?

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