Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Test Driving Some Flowers

Wedding planning is A LOT of work. Our save the dates have been a long time coming!

Went to the SF Flower Market on Saturday to test drive some flowers. I just don't find it worth hundreds of dollars on flowers...I'd rather spend it on alcohol so at least people can enjoy it! Even at Costco...which is suppose to be much cheaper than a florist, it's still $150 for a boutonnière and $700 for an entire set! Entire set being bride, bridesmaid bouquet, flower girl flowers. It's $700! And $150 for a boutonnière? It's one flower! How hard can it be to put together a bunch of flowers? Hundreds of dollars? Really? Who's going to notice anyways? Good thing my venue is pretty green and doesn't really need that much for flowers.

So my attempt to save a little bit of money, since all the other costs is just spiraling out of control...I thought I might attempt to put some flowers together myself. Of course I wanted to try this out in advance just in case it's a bad idea.

 Amelia: "You can totally get these flowers for your wedding!"

Looks like some other people are checking out the goods.

Ranunculus in season! These are growing on a rose, but not.

Oh manzanita branches...if Autumn and I knew before you were available to be would have saved us tramping around the woods for friend's wedding.

Branches! Woot! Looks like I won't have to order these online to implement my centerpiece masterplan...

Results thus far? A succulent, cymbidium orchid, and a bucket of chrysantheums, dalhias, ranunculus waiting for some attention.

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