Monday, April 26, 2010

bridesmaid dress shopping == the Odyssey

Bridesmaid dress shopping hands down has been the most difficult task of this whole wedding planning business. Went dressing shopping for my 11 year old junior bridesmaid yesterday and it was EXHAUSTING! We tried on at least 30 dresses. Problem is we need to find something age appropriate in bridesmaid sizes since the junior sizes are too small for her.

I thought it wouldn't be too hard since I was trying to be flexible and wanted my 4 bridesmaid to like the dress they have. So. Dressing 4 people with different body shapes is not easy. Even when each can pick a different one - there's got to be some cohesion.

Initially, picked up these ABS dresses as a potential contender from the social occasions area from Bloomingdale's since they were on sale - $130 from $280. Sale! Love bargains.

This was the dress I picked up for the black tie wedding Air and I went to. I had Kelly try it on and she loved it. This style is done by a number of designers - we tried a $100 version but it just was not built as well. I wasn't decided on the colors when we got these earlier on, but since Bloomingdale's has no time limit for returns, figured it didn't hurt.

Decided to nix this dress so we could get the Autumn as MOH a different dress but in the same color as the we'd need something along the lines of having the same designer...then everyone could just pick one from that line and the colors will go.

So, Kelly and I found a dress that works well for her from Impression. We just looked at a certain style after figuring out what looked good - A-line with some sort of assymetrical ruching.


Aunt Steph tried on 4 or so dresses from the Impression line and I liked Impression 1713 on her.

Autumn's dress will be chiffon, so her dress could even be from a different designer if the color is close enough, since the fabric will be different from everyone else since they are wearing satin anyways.

Okay, two down, two to go.

Or so I thought! The Impression dresses did not work well on Claire. She doesn't have the womanly curves needed for the cutes or they were not age appropriate. Not only did we try on a bunch of satin Impression in shopping attempt #2, we tried on a bunch from the other lines.

Narrowed down the style to an empire waist dress with a band. I also wanted her to have a shorter dress since she is younger. The ones we liked were from a different designer. A couple of them were no where close to the color Kelly and I picked out. Now the options for Claire I'm looking at are:

A. Get a satin Impression dress altered to a different style
B. Get a Jim Hjelm satin dress which would look close (from the swatches), but would probably differ
C. Change everyone to a Jim Hjelm dress
D. Change everyone to some other designer
E. Get Claire a chiffon dress from the designer Autumn picks

Hands down bridesmaid dresses has been the most difficult logistical task. SO HARD TO DRESS 4 PEOPLE in a cohesive fashion! The dress shopping was most exhausting activity of the weekend...more than playing vball/bball in the park for 5 hours and the hiking.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Save the Dates finished!!!

Here are the results of 40-50 hours of work over a two month period (darn day job getting in the way of everything). Enjoy!

YouTube link: