Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's everybody (i.e. flowergirls) wearing?

After finally getting the bridesmaid dresses on order it was on to thinking about what everyone else was going to wear. I checked in with my mom over Mother's day weekend - she's going to look around at the department store. Whew, no need for 'mother of the bride' dresses with Count Dracula capes that also need to be ordered 4 months in advance.

Vah! My cap and collar are so lovely! Vah!

Ok so flower girls. My hard requirement was that they would not be princesses. Kids are sooooo spoiled these days, when they get married they can be the princess if they want - ok...but as little girls they should not be the princesses of the weddings. At least at my wedding they won't.

Really? Really?

I was thinking just to get your standard flower girl dress, stick some color sashes on them, and done! So easy and cute right? And inexpensive!

(Cute & Inexpensive! Too bad there were only sizes left for babies at Macy's online.)

But wait a minute, wrong! These dresses at the bridal stores are just as much or even MORE than a bridesmaid dress! Um, there's no justification to spending $200 on a dress for a little girl. Well maybe she can wear it again after the wedding :P

There must be a cheaper way online.

So I began searching.

And they all looked the same. And I realized that they were kinda boring. So I decided they needed just a little something different. Just a little. So I looked some more. I liked the look of ruffles. And full dresses that flare out a little on little girls are cute too. And I looked for dresses that were not flowergirl dresses, but party and holiday dresses and the like.

Can you tell what our colors will be? :)

Ya. A lot of dresses. This is where Air comes in since I could go with so many things.

"No. No. That's ok. Gah! NO! She's like the Exorcist child!"

"I like that one."

Flowergirl dresses - done!

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