Monday, June 21, 2010

The invitations are here! The invitations are here!

The invitations are here! The invitations are here!

Designed by moi and letterpressed by Kseniya Thomas of Thomas Printers. I thought about learning to letterpress to do it myself...but that would not have been cost nor time effective.

Kseniya was incredibly fast too! She had these printed and ready to ship in a few days after go ahead! It was ridiculously fast! Not only that, she had really great pricing.

Our invitation design inspiration?

Smock Paper's Engadine. Air liked the simplicity of it. At least, I think it was this one. Or something similar. Basically a silhouette of leaves. The folio thing is pretty darn awesome too.

Bella Figura's Barcelona. The overlay of the motifs made another awesome!

Then it hit me.

the shower curtain (from Target?)


Leaf prints! Brilliant me!

Leave it to Martha Stewart to have some crafty instructions about this. 

I decided a red Japanese maple leaf would be perfect - since we both love Japanese maple trees (they're so perdy) and the color would fit great with the color scheme.

So I borrowed a few leaves from our neighborhood Japanese maples trees and went to work making some prints. I ended up just using acrylic paint instead of fabric paint (they didn't have the right kind at Michael's) and using my hands and another sheet of paper to press instead of using the brayer (a $20 Michael rip off).

I made a lot of prints.

Then I scanned the better ones into the computer and used Adobe Illustrator Live Trace to create vector images of the leaves. I picked a few leaves for clean up, then layed them out and starting adding text. Adding the text layout was super fast - I thought it was going to take me is the way of things creative.

Here is the end result!

I also got the plates so I could play with them in my Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress :) muhahhaha. Anyone have any non-wedding related muses for artistic inspiration?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ok, fine, I'll hire a florist

Air's parents are going to pay for our flowers. They thought it wasn't a good idea for me trying to put together a bunch of bouquets and boutonnières (my orchid flowers died off...lazy me didn't make test boutonnières) right before the wedding with all the other ongoings that should be happening for a wedding. I started to warm up to this idea once I actually saw a quote from a florist that flowers would not cost $2k. And that $150 per boutonnière price tag from Costco was actually for like 15 of them...not one...opps...silly me. I was expecting flowers to be exorbitant amounts of money.

The florist I'm talking to is Isabelle of Chic Designs who did my friend Rakhi's wedding last summer.

pic by me (isn't she gorgeous?)

She used pics that I took on her website here and here and here and here and here. I chatted her up and looks like we'll be able to do a little traderoo. PM skills says this is a good idea! Might as well do something I do better (being the paparazzi) and utilize other resources to do what they're good idea. And delegate. I'm not looking for a lot of floral work, pretty much just the bouquets and boutonnières. We're going to have her deliver cut flowers and I'll find people (wedding coordinator Amelia & company!) to help set up our centerpieces at the venue ourselves.

So on Saturday I went over to the Palo Alto Golf Club to take pictures of flower work Isabelle did for a baby shower. Here are a few pics.

all pics by moi

PM and paparazzi powers go! Hmmm, I wonder what else I can trade pics for. Anyone need a photographer? ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

two engagements and one weekend!

Two of our friends got engaged this weekend! Well actually that would make 4 friends...2 x couples with two friends each couple :)

T has already been planning for 3 months, but now is officially engaged after H proposed at Point Lobos in Carmel.

And D has proposed to Kel in front of the Eiffel Tower! Kel has been dreaming of a romance proposal in Paris forever...she was not expecting it!

So happy for them! And more wedding planning! Now that I have done all this research I can offer all my planning experience and wisdom ;)

Congrats to T&H and D&K! YAY!

I'm so crafty

Hee hee hee. I picked up another crafty device this weekend. You can buy anything on craigslist! You just have to wait long enough. Heck, I've even bought and sold tatami mats from craigslist.

Here's a tip for searching for stuff online...for things like dresses. Enter into your favorite search engine (Google) site: then your search term to just search that site. Or use a '-' to exclude a site.

For example, when I type a name of a dress that I'm looking for...I get a lot of results from which is one of the crappiest forum sites ever. There's no way to notify posters privately and to get contact info - you have to post it up where any one (hello spam) can see it.

So enter into the search box something like:
Allure Dress Blah (to exclude sites)
or Jim Hjelm blabblah dress (to specify sites)

So what did I get from Craigslist? I picked up one of these babies...barely used and for less than half the price! Make room for little sister, brother Yudu!