Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm so crafty

Hee hee hee. I picked up another crafty device this weekend. You can buy anything on craigslist! You just have to wait long enough. Heck, I've even bought and sold tatami mats from craigslist.

Here's a tip for searching for stuff online...for things like dresses. Enter into your favorite search engine (Google) site: then your search term to just search that site. Or use a '-' to exclude a site.

For example, when I type a name of a dress that I'm looking for...I get a lot of results from partypop.com which is one of the crappiest forum sites ever. There's no way to notify posters privately and to get contact info - you have to post it up where any one (hello spam) can see it.

So enter into the search box something like:
Allure Dress Blah -partypop.com (to exclude sites)
site:craigslist.org Jim Hjelm blabblah dress (to specify sites)

So what did I get from Craigslist? I picked up one of these babies...barely used and for less than half the price! Make room for little sister, brother Yudu!

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