Friday, July 23, 2010

喝酒! Drink!

One of the good things about our venue is we get to BYOB...and wine and spirits. I've pretty much given up drinking since the company trip to Disneyland, ah, er, never mind that. I'm not much of a drinker. I've attempted, but haven't developed a taste for wine or beer. Dark chocolate on the other hand, I've been very successful at. Cheese is working it's way up there as well. Too bad for Air, since he does enjoy large bottles of delicious beer that he can't finish by himself.

giving it a taste 

We're not planning to do an open bar (alchies!), but beer and wine for sure and some signature drinks. Then maybe some scotch since Air and his friends are really old men drinkers.

Air and friends 

Air's must list? Belgian beers! Specifically Ommegang tops his list. So sad our short lived discovery of finding them at our local Costco, to be replaced by the Kirkland brand. I wonder if we can get kegs...

beers, wedding crafts, and dark chocolate 
source: me

Signature drinks? One will be Air's drink of choice - the mint julep, since it's the most intensive labor drink the bartender can make.

I recently saw on blogger Mrs. Cola post about this:

hibiscus flower garnish in champagne 

It's so awesome! I want it! It supposedly tastes good too. What signature drink should we make with it? What other signature drinks should we have?

Geek note: Posted from Amtrak train on the way to Boston by using my Android cellphone as a wifi hotspot. Post-processed photo in camera! (RAW to small JPG, darn Mac having no photo software).


  1. also a 10.10.10 bride, just stopping by to share the love. love your save the date, btw! happy planning!

  2. Thanks! Time is counting down! Aggghh!