Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Quest for Cute, Comfortable Heels - does it exist?

This is one item I've have been dreading to check off my wedding project plan:
Purchase wedding shoes and start dress fittings. Bring the shoes along to your first fitting so the tailor can choose the appropriate length for your gown.
Shoes....barrgghh. I hate wearing heels. They're terrible! I just don't comprehend why women would want to put themselves in torturous pain for a detail that no one will notice! I just cannot understand - why wear shoes that you can neither stand or walk in (even for a few feet) and have to sit all night looking pretty but moving no where?

It reminds me of how Chinese women used to have their feet bound to look small...not to the horrible extent of, but similar in how women deal with pain and foot problems and can't move! Don't understand! Don't understand! Well there is the being taller bit...

Is there such a thing as comfortable heels? Google must know! Here's what I've found:

More stability will put less pressure on certain areas of your foot.

You can achieve this by:
Getting a shorter heel.
Having a wider heel.  A wedge has the most surface area to give support.

Doing some image searching for this post came up with this image:

the effects of wearing high heels 

From the On Your Feet article:
Women often think they're doing their feet a favor when they ditch the heels and put on flip-flops or ballet flats because there's no heel, no pointed toe, no reason to worry. Right?
Not so, say podiatrists.
I knew it! I knew it! Flats sucks just as much...they never did anything in the comfort department for me.

Looking around, there's a pro and con section for different types of shoes, even on those hideous shoes trends, Crocs and Uggs.

Ugg-ly? Yes.

But wait, there is hope.
For those women who want fashion plus function, so-called comfort-brand shoes claim to offer the best of both worlds. Among them: Naturalizer, Ecco, Aerosole, Cole Hahn and Taryn Rose, created by a former orthopedic surgeon who brought her first line of luxury shoes to the market in 1998. And they're not your grandmother's orthopedic shoes.
Kelly splurged on some Cole Hahn's as her first wedding (or "engagement present to self")  purchase...and touts their Nike Air technology to enable them to be the only heels she'll wear.

Any advice on shoes? My quest to find shoes to be continued...


  1. Something flat! Depending on what you're walking on, it could be difficult with heels anyway (we were on grass).

    Let me know if you see anything on the Cole Haan site that catches your fancy.

  2. I joke with my Mr about wearing chacos to the wedding. They are sooo comfortable!

  3. Flats hurt!

    What are chacos?

  4. They are a hiking sandal. Terrifically comfortable. Their website is