Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Quest for Cute, Comfortable Shoes - cont.

After stumbling upon those Washington Post articles on the effects of modern day footwear on the feet, I've resolved to get rid of all the heels I have that I can't stand more than 20 minutes in. No matter how cute. Not like I would get non-cute heels. Even though I rarely wear them. Yes, it's the whole trying to be more like a girl thing. I'm even contemplating getting a purse to hold my cell phone and wallet.

Wedding. Shoes.

What to do about them. So even though I hate heels, I would like to be a slightly taller...it will make the dress look longer (the years have mellowed out my refusals to wear dresses for any occasion). And although you won't really see the shoes fully, you'll still see them peaking out. There's too much photography of just shoes (typical wedding photography...where is the actual wedding?!?).

Flip Flops or Flats?

There are some brides who just wear flip flops (bad for your feet) or flats (also bad for your feet! and they hurt too) or maybe even sneakers.

Even though it's my casual Friday everyday, I'm also a visual person...and wearing flips flops or sneakers just does not look right! Too informal...and...boring.

Yes, my venue will have dirt and lots of it...(this is it)
Rain Boots?

The rain boot idea is kinda cute. But it doesn't fit with our wedding. Air didn't like the idea so much either.


I've passed by some of those Naturalizer type of shoes...low heels, probably comfy...but...just so old lady looking. Not so cute.

Ballroom Shoes?

The idea light bulb went off and I thought - ballroom dancing shoes! Those must be more comfortable, after all, dancers put a lot of impact and can still move in them right? I'm not the only person with this idea.

Jimmy Choo's?

Another suggestion was to get an expensive pair of shoes - more money = more quality? But I wasn't going to drop 5-10 bills on a pair of Jimmy Choo's!

I checked out the Ballroom Connection, which has a store front in Mountain View...they were actually more comfy and stable and there were some cute ones as well. So what was the problem?

I liked some Stephanie ballroom shoes like this

The soles. The shoes are meant for indoor use - they are soft, so they would wear out fairly quickly from outside use.  I wanted something that I could use after the wedding and there were no plans in my future for ballroom dancing. 

There were Argentina tango shoes are meant to be used outside, but they weren't in my range of wedding colors. And the fully customizable (heels, height, fabric) Celebrity brand shoes which could add an outdoor sole were not as cute or comfortable as the Stephanie or other brands.  

The price. The shoes I liked in the store were in the price range of $160...not something I wanted to spend on shoes if I couldn't use them in the future (for activities not including dancing). Although the price online seems to be quite lower for similar styles.

Nike Air Cole Haan's?

I went to Bloomingdale's to try the Cole Haan's with Nike Air technology (although they don't have visible air bubbles). Unfortunately they had a limited selection and they didn't have the height or type of styles I was looking for. 

Made in Italy!

But...I did do a round about the shoes and found these Via Spiga Lyra shoes at 40% off with an additional 15% of for the 4th of July weekend. Woo sale! They actually felt decently comfy and stable in the store...and they didn't feel as high as they were. What a realization...don't get shoes Made in China! I tried on some to compare afterwards, and they felt pretty crappy (Nina, Nine West, Calvin Klein, oh poor cute Nina's).

Made in China = Crappy Shoes that Hurt

Here are the shoes! Via Spiga Lyra - Made in Italy
Edit: So the shoe are not actually made in Italy...designed in Italy and made in Brazil. While I was trying them, another woman came to buy them in other colors since she thought they were so comfy. Test trial time!

It didn't require a lot of shopping actually (compared to the dress) since it was the found on my first dedicated shoe shopping trip (outside of the ballroom shoes) - what a relief! And came in under budget my budget spreadsheet. I wonder if they are too high though...Will these work with my Chinese dress?

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