Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pom Pom Pomanders

Me at 3 months: Aggghh! Aghhh! We've got 3 months left!

Me at 2 months: Aggghh! Aghhh! We've got 2 months left!

Air now: We're getting married in a month!
Me now: No we have more than a month!!!! It's like 6 weeks! Agggh! Aghhh!

Before we left for a 3 week east coast trip in July...I was getting wedding dreams of unpreparedness. One of them I had a reversible wedding gown. Pink and red one side, blue and green on the other. Two dresses in one! Hey, not a bad idea!

Three weeks in July...that's practically a month of no wedding doings counting down to August which makes it two months left! Well, I did bring some supplies to make paper flowers, although it was making me car sick in our road trip to Cornell...aka Hogwarts. What for? This...

Amanda's of Ruffled (formerly Vintage Glam) Blog  pomanders. 

I stumbled upon her site early on in one my of internet wedding research gorging sessions and liked it a lot. Real ones do look great too, but I preferred these over real flowers. But I have seen several attempts at DIY tissue paper pomanders which do look end up looking like cheap crafts, so they don't always turn out great.

So off I order 3 reams (500 sheets) of the largest tissue paper size (not remembering that colors on computer screens do not transfer to colors in real life! BUT my monitor is calibrated for print colors!) in our wedding color scheme - Crimson, Burnt Orange, Copper, Champange. Yes, I nixed the dark reds and rich greens idea :P We decided on Mandarin Red, Orange, and Burnt Orange from Paper Mart

23 pounds of tissue paper

A week or so later, I receive 23 pounds of tissue paper on my front porch. It was a LOT of tissue paper. The colors looked terrible! They were very saturated. At least when they are stacked up 500 sheets together. The burnt orange did not go at all with the red and orange. 

tissue paper pomander components

Instead of all red or all orange flowers, the sheets within each flower are a mix of red/orange. Air is such a smarty. 

puffing a flower

Then sticking them into a 5 inch Styrofoam ball

The varied sheets of each colors definitely gives a more blended look. The colors were much more acceptable once they took their final form. Everyone who has seen them think they look great and they're really festive! 

I'm going to hang these on the chairs for the ceremony aisle...I"m shooting for every other row (21-24 rows on both sides!) 

The end results! So far...

click on the image to see closer!

First there were four...

Then eight...

Now fifteen...nine more to go

They are way cheaper then getting pomanders out of flowers (I was quoted $45 each!), but they are time consuming! I've hosted two crafts nights so far (food, wine and a movie!) along with unofficial craft nights...and it has taken about 3 hours with 3-5 people to make around 3-4 balls. 

Each of these balls have about 30 flowers...that's over 700 paper flowers to make! I've been filling in with more when Air watches it's not really work that is so much out of the way. It's a good break from the work week and craft nights are an excuse to get together and hang out (at least I hope so for my little paper flower makers - thank you!!) . 

The crafting is definitely one part of the wedding planning aspect I find fun...a wedding is the ultimate excuse to craft! When else will I be able to do this stuff? Maybe for Kelly's wedding...