Monday, September 20, 2010

the Hen's Partay

Two weekends ago was my slated day for a hen's party! Starting up entirely too early at 7 to drive away to the "surprise". As in kinda far. Like past the Golden Gate bridge. And the Napa country.

I thought some of the signs by the roadside might give me clues. Lava tubes? Nope. Petrified Forest? Nope.

We ended up here!

photo: Kelly

Yes, wine country with giraffes. More specifically, a 400 acre wildlife reserve in wine country called Safari West.

It's like an African California! For the part of the preserve that have African herd animals, you actually get to ride on these war jeeps built in the 50s around the preserve.

the hen's party

Being paparazzi style I had a field day taking pictures...check out some of the animals we spotted in our safari along with the help of our awesome, hilarious, engaging and educational guide Jenna.

Jenna: "It's all about making the babies."
Photo: Kelly

Photos: me

Which continent can these guys be found?

Didn't catch what this was...and some kind of fancy pigeon rooster.

You looking at me? Cause I'm lookin at you.

The largest pigeon in the world (threatened). And probably the most evil looking one.

These guys looked something out of Spirited Away!

I'll peck you! I'll peck you!

This looks like me when I'm sleeping. Mouth agape and head rolled over.

Egyptian currency - money cows.

Poor Louie was a former pet like other animals on the preserve. He broke his horn on the truck steering column thinking there were goody snacks in store.

 Who can resist the babies?

After the safari, we drove to Calistoga for lunch and milling about. 

Kawn bread. MMMMMMM.

Then to Walnut Creek for a mani and pedi thanks to Groupon. Darn you Groupon with your coupons of sailing lessons and cheap bootcamp offers...

This was the first time in my life I've had a full out color mani and pedi (the massaging and exfoliating/cleaning is the best part). If you don't count the summer before where I got a French manicure with my completely trimmed finger names for Rakhi's wedding because I had no idea what I was suppose to order. 

"Look sultry!" I say. Instead Kelly throws down some hand signs. So not sexy like. DO OVER!!

Betty White throwing gang signs. source

We literally drove up and around the entire bay. I was exhausted! But I totally had a good time. Even I forced into more girly girl activities...(This nail polish is like getting a nice car paint shiny...and how the water beads!)

Thank you bridal party hens!