Sunday, October 24, 2010

Regrets? (or this is what the procession music was suppose to sound like)

The only real regrets I had about our wedding - and they are fairly small, was the ceremony musician and not designating someone to do some video (who kinda knew what they were doing) to record the toasts and first dance. Everything else went great, even though I had to cut out much of the crafty things I wanted to do.

Our ceremony musician was awful at the procession pieces we chose. He said he played the violin as well as the mandolin. The samples he sent? They sounded great! But so not him! UGH. Should have went with the other musician who was actually a VIOLINIST! Who knew you get samples not actually performed by that musician, but perhaps performed by other members of his quartet?!?! Thomas Yee...why...WHYYYY, why weren't you available!?!

My advice - at least ask for YouTube videos to make sure it's them playing! We checked out our band this way and they were great, (musical redemption, as I pleaded and pleaded Air to play just one piece on his cello, but that didn't happen).

I didn't want any traditional procession music aka Here Comes the Bride aka Canon in D. We also wanted lived music...but just one solo violinist would have been enough, instead of a full out quartet. We didn't want to spend that much money on the ceremony music.

Groom's Procession:
Scheherazade violin solo (shown from Leverage, one of Air's tv shows)

Bridesmaids' Procession:
Bach Cello Suite No. 1 (Air grew up playing the suites on the cello)

Bride's Procession:
The Meditation from Thais by Massenet

Played by our original choice for ceremony musician, Thomas Yee:

This version by David Chan in the Met's production of Thais which we saw in our local theater in a HD broadcast. It was our first exposure to this piece and he played really beautifully. Air's papa is an opera fan.

Unfortunately, the music did not sound like this at all.

Fortunately, most people didn't know what they were supposed to sound like.

Anyone else have any regrets about wedding aspects?


  1. yes - my biggest regret was NOT GIVING MY PHOTOGRAPHER A LIST OF PICS TO TAKE! :(

  2. I wish we had gotten a videographer, but, it was so windy you probably wouldn't have been able to hear anything anyway. :\

  3. Being a problem solver...I wanted to resolve these issues! But you can't really. It took a few days (or a week or so), but I'm over it now. Was it hard to get over those regrets?

    As a friend said..."a small blemish on a great wedding".