Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We did it!

We're married!!

10/10/10 was so much fun! We had an absolute blast and we got many complements on how fun it was, such as the most fun at a wedding ever! (hope it's true!). The food was fantastic, the weather absolutely gorgeous, and so great seeing everyone all dressed up. 

Our photobooth was great...I wish more people used it, but it came out really well. I picked up a red velvet curtain from Ikea, had the backdrop stand, umbrellas, lighting, and Yi brought a strobe flash too. Yi setup our photo booth then took pictures to go to his laptop. They came out great! Thanks Yi!

Some of my fav photobooth pics:

Bride & Groom!

I wanted us to have a printer so guests could print out copies of the pictures and stick them in our guestbook a blank sketchbook which they could draw pictures and doodle in too. But we didn't have time to work out how the printer would be handled and such, so we just posted them on to PicasaWeb. I was also planning to make some fake mustaches like so out of wooden dowels and mat-board, but didn't have time for that. The costume mustaches I think worked even better.

The props I picked up last day the day after Halloween...50% off!!! It's Halloween time a great time to pick up props on the cheap...

There was a lot of last minute running around like crazy, but we went on a fantastic food tour (our favorite food joints) with Air's family starting on Thursday. All the cameras was like being chased around by the paparazzi! I felt like Mickey Mouse at Disneyland with all the kids coming up so the parents could take their pictures.

Lots and lots of fun. Hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as we did!

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  1. Haha that king tut hat is too much! Love them all.