Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a mini-moon!

We went on a mini-moon! As in we actually took some vaca and had some alone time! No longer do I need to respond to 'Did you go on a honeymoon' questions with 'Air bought a new computer so we are going to mini-moon by exploring new continents in Civ V' (yes we are nerdy).

I'm still set on going to the Galapagos...but going on a honeymoon in October wasn't good because my work project was launching, then November was scratched since Air was moving to new team, and we already cut Thanksgiving last year short so I could go on my trip to Easter Island, then December isn't convenient either because it's time to fly to the East Coast to visit his family...then it's snowboarding season...so no honeymoon until at least April/May!! Then I need to figure out when next year I want to take a leave from work to go live in Spain for 3 months.

So where did we go? We took the first half of Thanksgiving week to drive down to Santa Barbara and stayed in a fancy resort! The Four Seasons Santa Barbara (but actually in Montecito). I never go on this type of vacation...my typical vacation is staying in a $4-30 guest house or hostel in a third world country where I bring a cocoon sheet with me. Where as Air is a creature of comfort...who loves nice comfy bedding on his vacations, clean bathrooms a must, and room service - yes!

We were so happy to take a break...

Our resort cottage! And my 'first rich person vacation'

All we did was walk around...look for the Japanese woodblock print gallery that was no longer there, eat, sleep, watch tv, eat, watch Harry Potter and have room service breakfast! Very low key and relaxing and chill.

creature comforts...a rainfall showerhead and bathrobes (another first)...very comfy

 Distinctive Santa Barbara architecture...I like it! 

 The wind blowing man is sweet...

a Santa Barbara/Montecito home next to the hotel...with Moroccan inspiration? This house was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. 

Santa Barbara homes are crazyyy!! We look through some of the hotel mags and there were tons and tons of multi-million dollar homes up to 30 mil. I asked our room service waiter was the industry was, looks like all the residents own hotels. Like the one we were staying in. I need to own a hotel. If only I needed the services of one of the many wealth management shops they had in town.

Oil rigs...I didn't know there were oil rigs off the coast of California

This is a Moreton Bay Fig at the hotel imported from Australia...huge trees are so awesome!

Front yard of the hotel

lots of beach goers walking their dogs!

Sunset...so muy romantico...awwww!

Smog collected in floor the Central Valley - ugh! on the way to visit my family in the Valley for Thanksgiving.

And now back to work...boo...at least xmas will come soon, and there is snow!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm feeling super artsy this week!

I finished printing the 'thank you' part on the letterpress cards last weekend and picked them up on Monday...woot! I also did the first color of my lithograph print for our class mythology assignment.

Tuesday, took the day off work to go to a lighting workshop/walk by the amazing, amazing Tanja Lippert. Tanja is a film photographer. Film! This pique my interest into bringing out my old SLR again and playing with some old school 35mm film. Why does she like film? One of the reasons was latitude...like the range of tonality that film has over digital. And I was thinking of the grain of black and white pictures...they don't have the same feel as digital. Interest piqued!

Wednesday, went to drawing class and got into working with chalk pastels on a fabric drawing. I've never worked with chalk pastels...or much color with drawing actually...and the last time I used oil pastels must have been high school, which is a looooong time ago. It was exciting because I'm finally getting to a point where I can just put the marks on the paper and not really think about anything...just putting the mark to the paper.

Thursday, bought me some color 35mm film, some color Super 8 film (Super 8!!!), changing bag (going to do b&w film development at home!), and convinced some friends to do some modeling for me! Oh boy, I can see I'm getting into the buying crafty stuff mode that I did for the wedding...I haven't used the Yudu yet! (I was going to silk screen the napkins, but had to cut that out). BUT, photography is something I do on a regular basis...and something I can have excuses to do all the time (as opposed to an excuse for a once in a lifetime event). 

This weekend I finally got a portfolio up with a design and function that I was happy with. Yay!!! Go artsy/crafty powers!!! 

T&T showing how it's done

Another bride turning wedding experience into a small business. Well attempting to. I didn't really blog often enough to get a huge following...it takes a lot of time to blog! And fit those other interests in! I don't see how others can do it so regularly...it might also be that I'm slow at writing and better at pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I must be like an encyclopedia! 

The experience of planning a wedding exposed me to a lot of things...I just did not have the insight into how much work and sweat and tears goes into a wedding. And they are fun!!! Hard work, but fun...and there's just so many moments and emotions in a wedding, it's awesome. How could I not want to take pictures of that?

Anyone else inspired by wedding planning to turn it into a venture?

Here's my new site! www.elainechophoto.com

Friday, November 5, 2010

How does it feel to be married?

Slightly different...


1. I get to call him hubby.
2. I now open his junk mail so I can recycle it.
3. Warm, fuzzy, cozy feeling that he's there, but it's a there with permanence
4. It's team us! Our super powers and forces are joined together!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Now what do I do?

No more wedding planning. So now what? I need to re-evaluate my life (no, not like that honey pie)! Well take assessment. And whip out my life master plan to make goals and plans. That includes a honeymoon! We haven't even taken a mini moon which is super poopy.

Work project launching near your wedding date? MAJOR SUCKS. A lot of frustration from not having time to getting those last details done until the very last minute....thank goodness for my brother being recently jobless and being able to iron all those napkins for me...and go through my underwear drawer to get the jewelry I forgot among other things...and my hubby for really being the voice of reason those last few late nights, frustrated over some of the details being done at such a late hour, but reassuring (even though I knew) it was going to be great party and a great party it was!

We're still planning to go to the Galapagos Islands...but since Mr. Hubby is changing work teams, then it'll be the holidays, then snowboarding season...it's just not good timing. Hopefully we can take an extended weekend soon just to have some co-relaxing. Really, the honeymoon is all about taking a vacation after all that planning. I really want a vacation :P

So what have I been up to? I signed up for a couple community college classes...drawing and letterpress at Foothill College!

What am I going to do with letterpress? Make thank you cards! We initially picked up some thank you cards at Target...but people were just so generous with gifts, it needed to be something more special. Is a month after okay to send thank you's? I hope to be done with them next week!

First assignment (well, second assignment, first was completed while we were getting married) - Setting metal type and lithograph print of a mythological character

Setting type took hourssss! It took so long. This is how books used to be made!

Making my first print!

Printing the first part of the thank you cards! 

I used a leaf from the design I did for the invites and made a polymer plate from a negative printed out from the computer. I exposed the plate under the negative with UV light, then wash it after the exposure leaving the design. It's pretty cool! New tech and old tech.

So immediate plans are:
make letterpress thank you cards
more blog posts! so much info in my head! it'll be nice to record document all the thoughts and process.
help Kelly with her wedding? (yayyy! weddings are fun!! I <3 them)

and then...uhhh...update my master plan. I have a tons of photos...there are a number of trips I want to make albums for, portfolio I want to work on, but now that my brain isn't "wedding, wedding, wedding", there's not something huge that's sticking out. Maybe this is post-wedding planning depression.

Did you find yourself a bit direction-less after your wedding?