Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Now what do I do?

No more wedding planning. So now what? I need to re-evaluate my life (no, not like that honey pie)! Well take assessment. And whip out my life master plan to make goals and plans. That includes a honeymoon! We haven't even taken a mini moon which is super poopy.

Work project launching near your wedding date? MAJOR SUCKS. A lot of frustration from not having time to getting those last details done until the very last minute....thank goodness for my brother being recently jobless and being able to iron all those napkins for me...and go through my underwear drawer to get the jewelry I forgot among other things...and my hubby for really being the voice of reason those last few late nights, frustrated over some of the details being done at such a late hour, but reassuring (even though I knew) it was going to be great party and a great party it was!

We're still planning to go to the Galapagos Islands...but since Mr. Hubby is changing work teams, then it'll be the holidays, then snowboarding season...it's just not good timing. Hopefully we can take an extended weekend soon just to have some co-relaxing. Really, the honeymoon is all about taking a vacation after all that planning. I really want a vacation :P

So what have I been up to? I signed up for a couple community college classes...drawing and letterpress at Foothill College!

What am I going to do with letterpress? Make thank you cards! We initially picked up some thank you cards at Target...but people were just so generous with gifts, it needed to be something more special. Is a month after okay to send thank you's? I hope to be done with them next week!

First assignment (well, second assignment, first was completed while we were getting married) - Setting metal type and lithograph print of a mythological character

Setting type took hourssss! It took so long. This is how books used to be made!

Making my first print!

Printing the first part of the thank you cards! 

I used a leaf from the design I did for the invites and made a polymer plate from a negative printed out from the computer. I exposed the plate under the negative with UV light, then wash it after the exposure leaving the design. It's pretty cool! New tech and old tech.

So immediate plans are:
make letterpress thank you cards
more blog posts! so much info in my head! it'll be nice to record document all the thoughts and process.
help Kelly with her wedding? (yayyy! weddings are fun!! I <3 them)

and then...uhhh...update my master plan. I have a tons of photos...there are a number of trips I want to make albums for, portfolio I want to work on, but now that my brain isn't "wedding, wedding, wedding", there's not something huge that's sticking out. Maybe this is post-wedding planning depression.

Did you find yourself a bit direction-less after your wedding?


  1. We still haven't had our honeymoon either. :(
    So I want to join your club, the hubs and I have never gone away alone and I'm itching for the beach again!

    I totally had that post wedding depression thingy, and felt bad about it. I didn't know what to do with myself and I didn't live with my BFF's anymore. It's six months later and I'm settled now. ;)

  2. i hear you on this! i miss the planning :)