Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakfast in bed gets me...homemade fusilli with mushroom bechamel!

This past couple weekends have been packed...we flew out to Boston this week to spend time with the in-laws but I'm still working on PST time...poooped.

Friday night was our company holiday party. Our first holiday party as a married couple...awwww. Traffic was horrendous and we were starving when we got there. I was more excited about this year's because it was at the Exploratorium at Palace of Fine Arts in SF.

Good thing there was food! The party would not have enticed me otherwise.

Alcohol + science toys = Good

Scotch whiskey tasting? No thanks...smells funny...

Chocolate torte with caramel? YES!

D&D & us

Photobooths are fun.

Saturday I still had to wake up in the morning to drive down for my last letterpress class! Then it was off to an engagement party.

Sunday, I woke up at a decent hour to get ready to go to SF again, but to take engagement photos of L&Q. Got a little delayed, so I had some time beforehand...Air made offered to make tortillas if I picked up milk. The market had panettone! Came home and decided to make panettone French toast for my honey to have breakfast in bed! 

I <3 French toast. 

I used the powdered sugar spoon from our gift registry to dust some sugar. (Thanks E!)

When I got home, Air had made some fresh pasta from the Kitchen Aid pasta extruder we received from the wedding registry (Thanks D&D!) and was making bechamel sauce with chanterelle mushrooms. 

We were really overwhelmed with the gifts that we received...on that note, I should go do thank you notes now! 

Air says I'm less busy now than before the wedding...but I still feel like a busy body (in the good productive sense). How are you keeping busy?