Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Luxurious, soft, warm bedding...drooolll...

We have a set of really nice sheets already...but they are so cold to climb into! Even with our temperate California weather, it's still cold at night and cold getting into those sheets.

This Bostonian weather (and the flannel sheets we're sleeping in), sparked this idea of getting flannel sheets for our bed at home in the winter. Sides, I <3 looking at textiles and bedding, and Air <3's bedding comfort. We're trying to replicate our stay at the fancy pants Hotel Monaco when we went to the company holiday party. We sank so comfortably into that bed! It was the most comfortable bed ever.

We looked for a replacement for our featherbed at the day after xmas sales - the feathers have shifted all around and it's so thin in the middle boxes! Bloomingdale's didn't have any flannel sheets! The sales person recommended Garnet Hill for luxurious German flannel.

Of course, I have to find more about this German flannel.

it looks sooo soft (source)

From Orvis.com:
Most flannel sheet sets come from three sources: England, Portugal, and Germany. English flannel sheeting tends to be very dense and heavy (usually weighing approximately 6 ounces or more), with only a slight nap. Legendary for its durability (said to “ wear like iron”), English flannel sheets are remarkably warm and can be used all year long. Renowned for its ability to hold color saturation and prints, Portuguese flannel usually has a lower weight and looser weave, making it ideal for use with rich colors and patterns. Sumptuous German flannel is celebrated as the softest and most luxurious, generally weighing approximately 5 ounces per square yard.
I checked out Garnet Hill's Signature flannel and it's not cheap. There are less expensive alternatives:

Overstock - $60 for a set (flat, fitted, and cases)

Other places to buy flannel sheets:

But looking more there were several posts/articles on Garnet Hill being excellente.



I picked up some of Garnet Hill's printed German flannel since it was on sale...and we liked the pear print too. 

no more crawling into a cold bed! (source)

I believe it's also a Chinese tradition to get all new bedding, including bed, for newlyweds. We did receive a beautiful Chinese red cover and cases, but my aunt said it was more for decoration since it will easily fray :( New sheets will do!

This article is all about getting a good night's rest and that includes recommending Garnet Hill's German flannel:

Sleep is so crucial! It can affect all sorts of things - hormones, mental and physical health, beauty, weight gain:

I really need to get me 8 hours of sleep a day during a regular week. Okay, add sleeping 8 hours a day to my goals for 2011, next to dress nicer (sometimes).

What goals do you have for 2011? Do you aspire to make your bedding emulate a hotel?


  1. We really need new bedding, it's something we'll have to invest in. That stuff can be expensive!

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