Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shopping Time! Uh oh!

It's that time of year where I do some shopping! There's several factors that goes into this.

  • Everything is on sale and I like bargains. But not cheap crappy stuff. 
  • I'm on the east coast on vaca and there's not much to do. 
  • The shopping mall is walking distance and has a small number of decent typical mall stores. (Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Crate & Barrel, Ann Taylor Loft, Sephora, Apple, etc.)
  • Hardly any one is at the mall! (I refuse to go to the mall on the weekends in the bay area, it's MADNESS)

I believe I don't shop very much comparatively and that  I'm below average. All I wear at work is jeans (haven't bought any new denim for 3+ years) and the free tee shirts they give me. says I've spent around 1k this year on clothing (prior to this online pre-xmas shopping spree!).

Mint Trends says the US spent on average $3200 and $3700 for the state of California.

I can recount all the clothing shopping trips this year (non-wedding related):

Bloomingdale's (east coast) - down jacket for the frigid winters in Boston
2x Frugal Fannies (east coast) -  a black skirt (haven't "owned" one since 7th grade), a few warmer/thicker base layers for winter snowboarding
2 x Marshalls - a few dresses for special occasions (just in case, so tired of wearing that one dress for every wedding and baptisms and partie)
H&M (east coast) - couple skirts and tops to wear to a nice dinner (we went to Morimoto's yum! in NY)
Target - our annual after Thanksgiving stop in Los Banos, Calif.; couple $10 sweaters and a thermal
Coach Factory Outlet - my first purse
Champion - sports bras & a pair o shorts

These were all pretty basic stuff, and I've used most of it. I'm thinking I want to start to dressing a little nicer. Air thinks my transformation into a girl is complete with that purse.

So here's to an attempt to dress nicer. (Or having non-work branded clothing to wear.) What I'm wondering is, is the amount that has what people actually spend? What a normal amount to spend on clothing? What do you allow yourself to splurge on? Where do you go to find good deals? ;)

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  1. I went shopping Sunday and my mall was PACKED! It was so unlike past years.