Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Crap Still Left To Do

I think I'm mostly recovered from the wedding. There's just a few thank you cards left to send to Air's friends for coming (sorry friends, he's been slacking).  And now I'm finally thinking I need to deal with the wedding aftermath.

The dress. It's been hanging over the washer/dryer for 4 months. With all the dirt still on it. So I need to get it cleaned up and sell it! I partly kept it around just in case our pictures were so terrible we needed to get portraits. Air says 'Lies! You kept it around in case you were not lazy!'

The pot calls the pot black.

Things left to do!
The remaining thank you cards
Sell all wedding crap. Dress, linens, napkins, vases, bolt of tulle, pounds of tissue paper.
Print some of our wedding photos (we finally got them!)
Make a photo album
Share our wedding pics/story?

Seems like the thing to do is to share the pro wedding photos with some bit of story with a magazine or blog.

Anyone have any suggestions what I should do with the pics?

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